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photography by Michael Watier for NOW magazine "Toronto Fashion Heroes"

WORN is still a small-time, all-volunteer art project. We self-distribute, self-publish and pretty much self-everything. That means that (so far) no one, not even the editor, gets paid. However, we are working hard to change this sad, sad fact, as we believe that all contributors deserve compensation.

Interested in interning at WORN?
visit our internship application page – How To Become A Wornette In 3 Easy Steps.

We are looking for volunteer help in these departments:

If you have any questions about helping us out, please email serahmarie @ wornjournal.com

Interested in writing for WORN?
See How to Submit.

Interested in creating some illustration, graphic design, or photography for WORN?
Send some of work or a link to your website to art @ wornjournal.com

Interested in volunteering to be in a WORN photoshoot?
We are always looking for ladies and gentleman to use in our photoshoots at WORN. We are particularly looking for people who support our mandate: to show a wide range of beauty, one that includes diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race, and age. Please note we are not looking for people looking to launch their modeling career – we won’t be able to help with that. We are specifically looking for people who are not defined by traditional ideas of ‘model’. Send two pictures of you (face and full body) to models @ wornjournal.com and include your name, email, height, dress size, shoe size and what city you live in.
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