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Sometime last year, my television went kaput, and my heart was left with a void that I slowly replaced with a YouTube obsession. The beauty gurus and their elaborate tutorials are a particular favourite.

To be honest, I pretty much repel colour. My wardrobe consists of strictly neutrals, as well as my make-up bag. I tend to live vicariously through the tutorials rather than try to mimic them, but it’s an art form to admire.

Dustin Hunter’s youtube channel is full of informative make-up tips and drastic yet wearable tutorials. His looks are always very bold and smokey. I find myself constantly on his channel searching for reviews of beauty products, trusting his opinions over store employees.

Heather is a Vancouver based student for special effects makeup. Although her YouTube channel tends to focus on makeup, she also does hair and nail tutorials. Her look is always changing, and her videos never bore.

Cora’s videos are fun and quirky, and she also happens to be hella funny. Her technique is flawless and her artistic capabilities are seemingly endless. Watch one of her Halloween tutorials, but only if you’re willing to risk having your mind blown.

Leesha’s enthusiasm will make you happy, just by watching her. Her makeup collection is massive, ranging from drugstore to designer products. Bonus: Her mother often makes appearances on her channel, with videos and tips of her own.

Nikkie is a 17 year old girl from the Netherlands. Her channel includes a lot of celebrity inspired looks, done in a wearable way. There is a video for every occasion imaginable—though I’ve yet to find the perfect “spending hours on end watching YouTube videos” look.

text by Jessica da Silva

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  1. oh sorry, i saw it to late, there is the english word kaput, which means the same like kaputt in german. i´d learned something today, yeah…

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