WORN Is Looking For A Few Good Interns


To become a Wornette you must first find the jade monkey before the next full moon. I mean, what? That’s an entirely different blog post.

Becoming a Wornette is indeed a magical journey (albeit one that takes place in our Parkdale office). Our intern positions offer valuable opportunities for those interested in fashion and publishing. Because WORN is a small magazine, our interns work alongside our editors, writers, and graphic designers helping with real tasks and getting a chance to show their stuff. Interns frequently graduate to WORN staff positions.

At this time, all intern positions are volunteer and based in Toronto. For the complete instructions on how to apply, visit How To Become A Wornette in 3 Easy Steps.

Applications are due at the stroke of midnight on March 10, 2012.
Questions? Email internships@wornjournal.com.

One thought on “WORN Is Looking For A Few Good Interns

  1. Am I the only one enormously pleased that applications are due AT the stroke of midnight and not BY the stroke of midnight?

    WORN is the best magazine EVER.

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