11 thoughts on “WORN’s Fancy Pants Dance this Saturday

  1. I know I’m not eligible for this and I don’t want to give anything away, but I LOVE that you included the Run, Lola, Run pants. Who knew sea-foam slacks could look so tough?

  2. Ahh so many pants, rad. I’ll sideline entering however, to let someone else have a shot. Buying Worn isn’t a chore, which reminds me I need to pre-order the next issue soon!

  3. Patrick Swayze’s thighs would have been nice to add in alongside Jennifer Grey’s. Juuust sayin’.

  4. This is a tough one! I don’t know five of them: MC Hammer/Hammertime; Audrey Hepburn/Funny Face; ??; Daft Punk/Around the World; Little man from Twin Peaks; Vic Vega/Pulp Fiction; TK?something Bollywood?; David Byrne Talking Heads; ?? no idea; ?? Chaka Khan?; ?? Cyd Charisse?; Dick van Dyke/Mary Poppins; Back to the Future; Run Lola Run; Garth/Wayne of Wayne’s World; James Brown’ Lucinda Dickey/Breakin’; Baby/Dirty Dancing!

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