WORN Mending Night This Thursday

Once again, Wornettes will be piling into Freedom Clothing Collective to frantically fix our glorious garments. If you aren’t scared off by our alliteration, come join us! We will help you find the best way to mend your stuff. For those of you who live your life in pristine elegance and have never torn a seam, we will have supplies on hand to make an easy craft. It may or may not be directly related to this video.

You can also join our mending night Facebook page here and RSVP to the September night here.

Thursday Night Your Stockings Needed Mending
September 1st (and the first Thursday of every month), 6pm – 9:00pm
939 Bloor Street West, Toronto

6 thoughts on “WORN Mending Night This Thursday

  1. I would love to come since I have many things that need mending, especially my socks!!! But I will be proofing as well.

    Next time for sure though!

  2. If I didn’t have class I would be all over this. Looks like moths attacked some of my socks, so this would have been perfect.

    Happy mending though. I’ll spread the word!

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