WORN Mending Night This Thursday

Now that our summer wardrobes are in tip top shape (from all the enthusiastic attendance at WORN’s monthly mending nights, no doubt), the weather’s gone and changed on us. How does that saying go? A mender’s work is never done.

It’s time to move on to warmer and fuzzier things, so dig out those fall duds and come on out. Whether your entire store of sweaters has fallen prey to faulty mothballs or (phew!) it’s just your blazer that needs new elbow patches, you know where to go.

We’re sure that you don’t need reminding that a certain big celebration is coming up in a few weeks too. Why not have a quick rummage through your friends’ closets or your nearest Goodwill to get a jump start? Mending a previously loved costume will save you a ton of time and money (which you can then spend on a ton of candy, of course).

As if a new season and the anticipation of Hallowe’en isn’t enough of a pull, there will also be the company of Wornettes, great music, and light refreshments as always.

Thursday Night Your Stockings Needed Mending
October 6th (and the first Thursday of every month), 7pm-10pm
939 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Photo by Nancy Paiva for Torontoist

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