Worn Fashion Journal – Issue no.9

8.5×11 inches
48 pages long
half in colour, half in black and white
offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6 plus shipping
(CAN $1.75, US $2.55, INTL $5.25)

REVIEWS OF ISSUE NINE: Hipster Musings, Coral Stars, Chronically Vintage, The Souls of My Shoes, Life is Glossy, Captain Magnets, I Heart Daily


Devil With The Blue Jeans On When your denim is dying, Kill Devil Hill has got your ass covered

Pointed Examples Our glossary of collars gets your shirt by the throat

[Re]introducing Valentina Curating lost chic helps museums bring fashion into focus

Beauty as Duty! Exploring the WWII propaganda campaign that brought fashion from the home front to the forefront

Pulling a Museum Out Of A Hatbox
Fashion collectors Jonathan Walford and Kenn Norman talk about the challenges of transforming a private stash into a public institution

Political Coverage The history of Keffiyeh and the effects of cultural outsourcing

Brutally Individualistic Part passion, part performance – how the Marchesa Luisa Casati’s life left a brave legacy of style

Colour Me Your Colour, Baby Colour, gender, and why making little boys blue puts girls in the pink


Everything I Know About Fashion (I Learned From My Mother) You are so much more than the clothes in your closet

This Shit Ain’t Free make-up reviewer Bella B. brings on the new Bronze Age

Books About Looks a collection of reviews from the typing pool


Future Now Strong style makes for bold moves

Nancy Drew and the High Park Hideout WORN pays homage to teen-lit’s favourite style-savvy sleuth

Back Page Blog Vanessa Jackman



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