Worn Fashion Journal – Issue no.8

8.5×11 inches
48 pages long
half in colour, half in black and white
offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6 plus shipping
(CAN $1.75, US $2.55, INTL $5.25)

REVIEWS OF ISSUE EIGHT: pamflet magazine, The Coast, The Calgary Herald, Sally Jane Vintage


Well Heeled Esmé engages in boot repair espionage

Shoegazing An absolutely incomplete but utterly delightful glossary of shoes

Fit For A Fiend To a certain kind of collector, sneakers are much more than a casual obsession

Belle Pied How Vivier and Buñuel made the pilgrim buckle haute

Inside In Exploring the delicate and disappearing craft of the turnshoe

Balancing Act Bata Shoe Museum curator, Elizabeth Semmelhack, discusses sex, power, and status in the evolution of elevation

Tangled Up In Shoes John Fluevog talks about life, design, and the joy of being authentic


Books About Looks WORN editors take a run at four books about shoes

Everything I Know About Fashion (I Learned From My Mother) Sometimes the only getaway is standing your ground

This Shit Ain’t Free Bella B. steps out with a high-end pedicure

Haikus Prepare for blisters

Material Girl When it comes to our relationship with leather, we’ve been faking it for a long time


Art and Sole Icon vs. Innovation: Canadian artists and designers take those little white Keds for a walk

Frou Frou Shoe Matthew Morad is hoarding all the good shoes

My Favourite Shoes Little illustrations

Back Page Blog Cherry Blossom Girl



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