Worn Fashion Journal – Issue no.6

8.5×11 inches
48 pages long
half in colour, half in black and white
offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6 plus shipping
(CAN $1.75, US $2.55, INTL $5.25)


Everything I Know About Fashion ( I learned form my mother) Passing it on…good advice doesn’t have to be dull

Haiku Shoes hurt sometimes

Question For Dresses Rapper Donzelle mixes her bling

This Shit Ain’t Free. Bella B. gets plump

Books About Looks Of wedding dresses and other emotional baggage


Yaayii The internet told us it means ‘fashion’ in West Africa

If You Close the Door Black and white and hats all over

Tout est Parfait A tous nos successeurs ne laissons rien a dire

Street Style Blog Vancouver’s The Commodified knows the future is bright


Post it Advice

Curator Connoisseur Consumer A midlife crisis at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris

Pin Pals Forever Installing a new Puppet Regime

Going Down in Flames and Rhinestones Forgiving Elvis for the jumpsuits

Khadi’s Got a Brand New Bag The evolving image of an Indian fabric

Fool for Fashion Amy Reeder Hadley illustrates style in her manga, Fool’s Gold

For the Love of the Clothesline Letting it all hang out

Skirt Chasing email dearworn @ wornjournal.com with the correct answers and get a free subscription

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