Worn Fashion Journal – issue no.12

8.5×11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6.00 plus shipping (CAN $2.00, US $3.50, INTL $7.00)


Pattern vs. Pattern Don’t know your plaids? Check, please.

Costume Juul-ry SCTV’s legendary costumer Juul Haalmeyer discusses draft dodging, dancing, and dressing.

Cheap Frills Emily Raine puts in her two cents on fast fashion.

Out of the Closet The evolution of identity in gay men’s fashion from green carnations to hot cops.

1037 Pretty Little Squares Artist Hazel Meyer talks about her mom’s handkerchief collection.

Astonish Me! A graphic introduction to revolutionary designer Alexey Brodovitch


Everything I Know About Fashion Pride goeth before the follicle. Snip, snip.

Haikus by Emily B.

Books About Looks Two Wornettes learn to sew in 3D, and more reviews from the typing pool.

Material Girl Lurex – when it comes to fabric, metal doesn’t have to be heavy.

Knowitall A ’30s evening bag gets Stephanie H. enmeshed.


Broken Frames Fashion in [stopped] motion: POP Montreal’s competition winning designs by Natasha Thomas.

Bibliophiles Finding the story that fits.

Advanced Style Turns out age does come before beauty.

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