Worn Fashion Journal – issue no.11

8.5×11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6.00 plus shipping (CAN $2.00, US $3.50, INTL $7.00)

REVIEWS: Field Guided / Jessica Rae Gordon / the Clackers / Quirky and Company / I’m Fine It’s Nothing / Fashion for Writers / Silence Sweetheart / Saucy With a Twist


The Big Frame-Up Stephanie Wornette sets her sights on a vintage spectacle how-to.

A Glossary of Eyeglasses Putting frames into focus.

To Conserve and Protect
Sarah Scaturro unpacks the multi-layered world of textile conservation.

Flights of Fancy A very un-uniform evolution of stewardess dress.

Jicky Business The lingering legacy of a perfume that defies definition.


Everything I Know About Fashion Clothes belong in your baggage, not the other way around.

Haiku by Emily B.

Books About Looks Workwear does double duty, and a collection of smart reviews from the typing pool.

This Shit Ain’t Free Make-up artist Bella B. puts fine art on your fingertips.

Material Girl Everything you need to know about tweed.

Knowitall Sonya Wornette talks circles around skirts.


Hide and Chic From Waterloo to Jakarta, six fashion bloggers snap up a WORN scavenger challenge.

Field Guided Runaways, a field… and a real live ZEBRA. Yup. Go look.

Heaps on Heaps Artist and collector Grant Heaps shows off his home, his dog named Fancy, and a whole lot of bowties.

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