Worn Fashion Journal – Issue no.10

8.5×11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6.00 plus shipping (CAN $2.00, US $3.50, INTL $7.00)

reviews of issue 10: Bonjour Girl, It’s OK For Intellectual Feminists To Like Fashion, Une Fille Comme Les Autres


A Modest Introduction Demystifying a global cover-up with a basic glossary of hijab

Second-Hand Stories Conceptual artist Iris Haussler discusses the role of clothing in her work and life

Down the Button Hole Closing in on collectors fascinated by fasteners

What in the World to Wear How a fashion encyclopedia can define global style

Talize: A Love Story Discovering a retro retailer makes thrifty chic the second coming


Everything I Know About Fashion (I Learned From My Mother) Exploring the structure of self-esteem

Haiku by Emily B.

This Shit Ain’t Free Make-up reviewer Bella B. stays smooth in a hairy situation

Books About Looks Tavi sets her sights on Avedon, plus a collection of reviews from the Wornettes in the trenches

Material Girl Corduroy – a fabric of a different stripe

Knowitall When was that jacket made? Sonya Wornette dates a biker.


Cherry Picking Canadian artists and designers pay homage to the iconic style of national hockey legend Don Cherry

Hair Apparent Boys will be girls

Typoglycemia Norwegian Wood’s smart designs balance the books

I Eat Style You wear what you eat

Back Page Blog Hel Looks

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