Holy Black Cat Ball, Batman!

WORN Fashion Journal is launching its ominous Issue 13—a purrrfect occasion to laugh in the face of superstition with a BLACK CAT BALL.

But—what’s this? All of the issues of WORN are being held hostage by the one and only CATWOMAN? She is legitimately threatening to burn every single copy of Issue 13 in a cruel plot to derail The Black Cat Ball! This is not at all an old Batman movie cleverly re-edited to be about WORN Fashion Journal! The Wornettes must spring in to action to prevent her from ruining our party, and we need YOUR help to stop her.

Bring out your best ball style in black and white to The Dovercourt House on November 12, 2011. Say “meow” to delicious treats from Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. If luck is a lady (or at least not a jerk) you’ll get a shot at a whole bunch of raffle prizes from Lara Vincent, Fieldguided, Miracle Thieves and more—tip the scales with extra tickets for just $1.

We predict you’ll get your whiskers in a twist with an eclectic mix of highly danceable oldies and favourites with WORN’s own Teddy the K.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dovercourt House

805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto

Scratch at the door: 9:00 PM

Purr for a taxi: 2 AM


Includes admission and a dangerously delicious copy of WORN Issue 13

Or at the following locations in Toronto:

Upside Dive (269 Queen Street East)
Miracle Thieves (249 Crawford St.)
Freedom Clothing Collective (939 Bloor St. West)

Tickets at the door for $12

Sponsored by

She Does The City
Downtown Down
Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

Video by Daniel Reis
Compositing Effects by Barry Potter
Catwoman by Lisa Budd

9 thoughts on “Holy Black Cat Ball, Batman!

  1. YOU GUYS, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!! (Serah-Marie, I think multiple exclamation points are acceptable in this kind of situation… I’ve been waiting YEARS for this video to finally be public.) Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces on the 12th! xx

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