Whitney Wornette

Our editorial intern loves Mindy Kaling and her bike

My friends and family are used to my, ahem, talking points by now (read: feminist rants, generally concerning politics and women’s rights), but they seemed genuinely surprised when I started discussing fashion.

I had never entered vintage stores or boutiques because I knew the clothes in there weren’t made for my body. Then I started researching for my first blog post for WORN on plus size fashion, and I found women that looked like me for once, and they looked good.

At first I was upset that this whole world of real beautiful women wearing awesome clothes had been hidden from me, and I was upset that I had spent so many years of my life trying to hide my body instead of feeling good about it. I started to look in those stores and try things on. Lo and behold, with a little patience and creativity, I started to piece together a wardrobe that I am becoming really proud of. Look out Toronto—I’ve bought my first vintage piece, and there’s no going back!

Current inspirations

Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink
Gesundheit’s perfect mix of wit and wispyness is crush-worthy, and every time I see her play, the next day I am in front of my mirror for an hour trying to recreate her look. From her antler-adorned guitar to her ’70s-inspired style, Daniela always seems effortlessly cool.

Ma Bicyclette
I cycle to work almost every day, so any outfit I wear must be bike-friendly. You will find nary a bell-bottom or floor-length skirt in my closet. I probably have more tights, leggings, and skinny pants than Russell Brand.

My dad
I admit I’ve been caught a few times snooping through my dad’s side of the closet. Mostly it annoys him, but I think he is a little proud that his daughter thinks he’s cool. Some recent finds: a black braided belt, a lovely cable-knit sweater, ridiculously comfy track pants (why are men’s clothes so much more comfy?) and a real cowboy hat, though he made me give that one back (background: he used to live in rural Saskatchewan. Yes there is non-rural Saskatchewan).

Mindy Kaling
The Mindy Project is so damn funny. I love seeing a curvier woman headline her own sitcom; one of the first since, what? Roseanne? Sure, she’s a bit of a hot mess, with the operative word being “hot.” I love her outfits. My favorite outfit appears when she meets the guy in the bookstore as she is shopping for tote bags, and they end up going out for multiple flavours of fro-yo and pretzels.

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