What I Wore to WORN: Cayley’s Swishy Top

Cayley James, publishing intern

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing?
The trade bead bracelets are from my dad, who travels a lot around Canada for work. He’s found amazing hole-in-the-wall boutiques in some pretty far flung places. Both of them are made from antique glass beads once used as currency during the fur trade. I grew up in a family that is slightly obsessed with our national history so these pull at my heart strings.

What inspired this outfit?
There are commercials for Back to School splashed across every conceivable medium. Wool coats are being stocked in every mall across the country and the collective pallete is shifting towards browns and blacks. But the thermometer is still pushing 30 degrees and I’ve got a burnt nose. So this outfit is in the spirit of summers past with arms full of hemp and friendship bracelets, canoe trips and bare feet. Also, I live a 60 minute bike ride from the WORN office, so whatever I wear has to be practical enough to weave through traffic and dodge pedestrians too.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
Outlander by Gil Adamson. It’s an epic fugitive tale set during the turn of the century. It’s a potent mix of dark poetic realism and historical fiction, and one the best Canadian novels I’ve read in ages.

shopping credits:
The top is from Anthropologie; I picked it up at the end of last summer during a killer sale. The shorts are from Gap. The earrings are from a little boutique on Kingston Road in the Beaches called Trinity Gallery, and all the bracelets are from little shops and craft shows across the country.

8 thoughts on “What I Wore to WORN: Cayley’s Swishy Top

  1. Love the orange nail polish. I tried to buy a shade similar to this and it was supposed to be vintage looking but ended up looking like 80s Miami Spring Break, but not in a good way. I like yours much better. What colour/brand is it?

  2. It’s actually Joe Fresh believe it or not. Their nail polish is pretty good quality and fairly cheap. As for the colour I can’t exactly remember.

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