We’re Running out of Shoe Related Puns

We are only a few weeks away from getting WORN #9 to the printers, which means soon enough there will be new copies of WORN on the stands (that’s good). However, this means that they will be replacing our shoe issue, currently on stands (that’s bad). While WORN #8 will still be available for sale certain places (hintedy hint hint), we can understand if you’ve already read it several times, cover to cover (it was a pretty slamming issue, if I do say so myself) and are now looking for another way to fulfill your footwear fix. Fret not, dear readers, for I have scoured the blogosphere to find you three websites necessary for the Louboutin lover in all of us. Without any further a-shoe (oh look, I still had another pun in me)….

Shoes and Your Mom

Shoes and Your Mom is a spin-off of the personal style blog, Lulu and your Mom. While Lulu remains the ringleader of both blogs, SAYM is a buying and selling community that is run just as much by the people who frequent it. Like an incredibly stylish version of Craigslist, the site is a service aimed at those needing to clear out space in their closets. Through Lulu and her two interns, sellers display their shoes (and dresses and coats and other items of clothing) that are up for sale on the site, for prospective buyers to browse and purchase. One of the perks of having an online market based on a popular blog is that all the items are screened before they are put up for sale, so it isn’t necessary to dig through pages of cheaply made knockoffs in order to find a pair of Marc Jacobs flats. There is also a diverse readership, which means that many different shoe sizes and tastes are accounted for, ranging from a pair of gold Prada mary janes to white slouchy Balenciaga boots.

Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Written by the second most popular shoe lover named Manolo (which I think is an accomplishment. There are a lot of them out there, I’ve been told). While this Manolo has yet to become a constant in the Sex and the City world (although there’s still time with move number 2 underway), this blog is slowly becoming a cult favourite. Pretty much everything and anything mildly shoe related has found its way onto the site: candid shots of celebrities’ feet, a regular advice column, analytical breakdowns of designer footwear. Just like the intentionally self-important Fake Karl, this site manages to keep a humourous outlook on fashion mixed in with a bit of your typical haute-couture cattiness, like in the Gallery of the Horrors – I’m sure it comes as a shock to no one that the Manolo looks down on Crocs and Uggs.

Jak and Jil

Ok, I’m cheating a little with this one. Jak and Jil is actually a street style blog, one of those which has joined the ranks of the Sartorialist and Garance Dore for having an almost signature look to the way it snaps photos of people. One of the reasons this blog is different (and why it found its way onto this list) is because the man behind the lens, Tommy Ton, pays special attention to the footwear of his subjects. There’s an entire subcategory dedicated to shoes he’s pictured – detailed close-ups, with enough caps-locked commentary to make Kanye proud. My own personal favourites? This one pair of yellow lace-up booties, with red tights to match the nail polish. Appropriately enough, it’s titled “Shazam!”

Of course, I’m only skimming the surface – there is a very deep sea of shoe-related blogs out there (see what I just did?). Tell us your favourites in the comments!

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