Saturday night brought out Toronto’s most stylish (also: my mom) to the Dovercourt house to celebrate the release of issue 11. These polaroids from Peter Wornette are our only evidence so far, but more pretty party pics from the photobooth will be up on our flickr account Monday, November 22nd, so stay tuned.

- Anna Fitz

7 thoughts on “WE HAD A PARTY.

  1. Can I just mention how much I enjoy that capslock is a part of almost all these comments? Just shows you how awesome the party was.

  2. aw looks like fun! and polaroids! FANCY!

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve got some pictures of the WORN table at Expozine in Montreal on my personal blog and another blog I write for. Feel free to put them up on here or on your flickr…my table was right beside yours and I noticed WORN was getting a lot of traffic, with people seeking out the table for the new issue! its beautiful btw you did a great job!

    pics here:


    and here:

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