Want to be a WORN model?

It’s that time of year again! We are starting to plan for next season’s photo shoots, and we’re looking for fresh faces to grace the pages of WORN.

Have you ever wondered about modeling for WORN? We are always looking for ladies and gentlemen to use in our photo shoots, especially people who support our mandate: to show a wide range of beauty, one that includes diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race, and age. We are particularly looking for people who are not defined by traditional ideas of ‘model’, and remember, we are not looking for people trying to launch their modeling career – we certainly won’t be able to help with that.What we need from you:
Send an e-mail to models@wornjournal.com with two pictures of yourself (one close up of your face and one full body shot). We do not expect them to be professional photos, but please do not send us very low quality or very small images. We also need you to include the following information in your e-mail:

Contact (e-mail and/or phone number):
Dress Size:
Shoe Size:
City of Residence:

Once we have all your photos and info, we will add you to our internal database (don’t worry, your photos will stay private) and send you an e-mail to confirm that you are officially on our model roster. Then comes the fun part! When a project comes up that you are just perfect for, we will contact you and see if you are interested and available to work on it.

Don’t be shy! Send us your pictures, and tell your friends to do the same!

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