Keeping Don Draper in Business: Vintage Advertising

A few months ago, my print-obsessed self saved some old copies of New York Magazine from a trash can. The ads I found inside were either too gorgeous or amusing to keep to myself, so I thought, who better to share them with than the WORN audience?

February 15, 1971

May 26, 1973

February 15, 1971

October 12, 1970

May 28, 1973

July 12, 1976

images found by Stephanie Fereiro
source: New York Magazine

4 thoughts on “Keeping Don Draper in Business: Vintage Advertising

  1. Love the vintage ads! I am taking a vintage fashion course from a Vancouver ex Museum Curator, Ivan Sayers. Have you heard about him? He has a collection of clothing and accessories from 1750 to 1970′s or so and gives courses for SFU downtown and does lots of fundraisers for the Old Costume Museum Society. (OCMS) He hopes that some day there will be a fashion museum in Vancouver, possibly like those in Japan but of course with a West Coast touch. Love your blog.

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