Unbinding Binaries: A Panel Discussion on Clothing & Gender Identity (UPDATE)


First, WORN would like to thank everyone who has voiced their concerns. WORN is grateful for any and all constructive criticism, and we know that your feedback will make our future events so much stronger.

In light of all the feedback, we have decided that a panel discussion is simply too small a platform for this kind of conversation. We now believe that we do not currently have the time, the space, or the necessary resources to do this extremely important topic the justice it deserves; we ask for your understanding in postponing this panel discussion until we can do it properly.

We thank you for your intelligent commentary, your necessary feedback, and your continued support. Please send us all your feedback via email. We want to hear from everyone what WORN can do to enable a platform for this crucial conversation, and to be an ally to a community that we have the utmost respect for.


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5 thoughts on “Unbinding Binaries: A Panel Discussion on Clothing & Gender Identity (UPDATE)

  1. Hello

    I am wondering if there is an ASL/English interpreter for this event. I would love to attend this event. Please let me know. If you want to provide an interpreter but do not know who should you contact. You can try to contact Ontario Rainbow Alliance for Deaf. They have a list of interpreters that you can try to contact. You can send an email to ORAD at info@orad.ca

  2. I’m so sad that I have to work during this. Can we set up a live feed so I can watch from work? PLEASE? That seems completely reasonable, I feel.

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