oh tumblr, what have you done?

Diva legend supreme Mina Mazzini, Heathers, a Lorick cake party and Avedon punk rock edge — holy inspiration overload!

This is just a sampling of the aggregated scrapbook WORN is keeping over at its Tumblr. The entire staff is in on this micro-blogging tip, and we’d love to see more of you on there so we can all follow, post, re-blog, post, follow, etc. (it’s fun, we promise).

3 thoughts on “oh tumblr, what have you done?

  1. I’ve decided to write a few captions for your photo selections that make up a fantastic inspiration board. I felt compelled, they are that fun!!
    So please allow me…

    1.sultry to the max…

    2.sociopathic sweet teenage girls. I first “The Heathers” as a young child and secretly wished I could be that cutthroat (no pun?!)…but of course not that murderous.. just more of a early-days Lohan in’Mean Girls’.

    3.Saccharine Sweet + Icing Sugar + Beehives = YOU ARE NOT INVITED!

    4. Who’s skeleton to you have see to get some change around here?

    stay gold,

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