Très Click: The Wondrfl Wrld of Tumblr

Renee and Chris on My Parents Were Awesome

Looking back through my own posts on Tumblr, I found a blurb from last May that listed “recurring themes on tumblr (from memory).” The list included girls in fields, Mean Girls, “cute” couples, spines, Selby-ish houses, Skins, pretty flowers, tea cups, French macarons, and Coco Chanel quotes. Tumblr can be predictable, to say the least. On some dark days, you need a little more than a million pretty pictures to inspire you back into happiness; but on others, pretty pictures can be just what the doctor ordered. Some cheeky commentary doesn’t hurt, either.

Here are some of my favourite fashion-filled Tumblrs:

Fuck Yeah Vintage
A celebration of all things vintage, from clothing and celebrities to public service announcements and magazines.

My Parents Were Awesome
Follower-submitted photos of the parents of the Tumblr Generation. Old family photos are the best.

Fuck Yeah Isabella Blow
All things Blow-related: photos from throughout Isabella’s life, quotes, anecdotes and editorials.

Fuck Yeah Bob Dylan
We all know how I feel about Bob Dylan’s style. This Tumblr combines photos with film stills, songs, quotes, gifs and more.

Fuck Yeah Comme Des Garçons
Photos of everything (and I mean everything) Comme Des Garçons, from advertisements and product shots to celebrities wearing the brand.

- Stephanie Fereiro

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