Très Click: Oscar Fashion, Knitted Brains, and More Cool Stuff We Like this Week

The Top Ten “Fuck It” Oscar Outfits
It’s Oscar weekend and you know what that means: a never-ending parade of actresses in glorified prom dresses. I hate awards season fashion. At this point, the only reason I tune in at all is for the chance that someone will pull a Barbara Streisand or Bjork and do something ACTUALLY INTERESTING (I’m looking at you, Tilda Swinton). On This Day In Fashion has a list of their Top Ten Oscar looks that just said “fuck it” to the status quo and “hey there” to sequined see-through bell bottoms.

Fashion Poweristas
And speaking of saying “fuck it” to the status quo, no one does it the way Daphne Guinness and Anna Piaggi do. The Man Repeller, also known as Leandra Medrine, and Robb Young discuss the best part of every Fashion Week: what the people on the street are wearing. At one point Medine refers to Diane Pernet as her “queen of darkness, the substance of which my dark abysmal insides are made.” Me too.

Fight Like a Pretty Boy
So, apparently, there is an underground Fight Club made up of male models? And I was not informed until now? Epic fail on your part, Internet.

Gucci: The Reinvention
I’m genuinely surprised that no one ever made a movie about the battle between Tom Ford, Gucci, and LVMH. For those who don’t know the story, Women’s Wear Daily has a comprehensive overview about the men who ended up controlling the majority of all ready-to-wear luxury brands. It’s everything I want in a fashion film: tense courtroom battles, bitter rivalries, and impossibly tan men in velvet suits.

The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art
Exactly what it sounds like. The knitting is incredibly intricate and (more amazingly) 100% accurate in representing the human brain. Doesn’t the cortex look sort of snuggly? Is that the strangest thing I’ve ever typed? The answer to both is yes.

Haley Mlotek

6 thoughts on “Très Click: Oscar Fashion, Knitted Brains, and More Cool Stuff We Like this Week

  1. Hey, thanks for the props, and in such cool company, too! We get a lot of inspiration from Worn Journal—I love your magazine. Have a good weekend (not watching the red-carpet “fashion police,” natch).

  2. Thanks for the mention! This year my money’s on Helena Bonham Carter to do something great. After all of the sartorial wrist-slapping she got at the Globes she promised that her Oscar outfit would be “a catastrophe.” Can’t wait.

  3. That Diane Keaton outfit she wore when she won the Oscar for Annie Hall is the best Oscars outfit ever.

    Then several decades later, she dons a suit.

    Keaton for the win.

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