To The Nines

WORN’s favourite Ottawa boutique Victoire held a charming night of shopping last week. Katie and Regine have been collecting gorgeous vintage cocktail dresses for months in preparation for this night, and it showed.

I prepared for the evening by listening to the original Crybaby soundtrack on the way there. (Sidenote: Lovers of retro kitsch, watch this movie! Unconvinced? Read its tagline: “Too young to be square… Too tough to be shocked… Too late to be saved”? Ultimate classic.) Upon arrival the atmosphere did not disappoint – the girls had all the best 50s and 60s jukebox hits playing, sweet bite-sized snacks and little cups of blackberry wine, and of course the amazing selection of dresses filling out the racks! Not a surprise, then, that the whole space was filled up with well-dressed ladies (and gents) browsing, mingling, and enjoying themselves.

did I mention the La Chatte Bottée shoes?

cute girls in cute dresses

the lovelies of Victoire – Ula, Sage, Regine, Katie, and Natasha

Aw! What an awesome night, girls. Katie and Regine’s true love of vintage shone through in every detail of the night, from the dresses arranged neatly by colour to the satin ribbons tied on every hanger.

- text by Averill Smith, photography by Kevin M.

10 thoughts on “To The Nines

  1. Aw I miss Ottawa/Victoire so much. This night looked like so much fun.
    Actually, if any Ottawa people are reading this, I just got an e-mail from Young Janes. Apparently Dalhousie street’s doing their annual shopping event this year; last year Victoire, YJ, Workshop and Milk all had sales/promotions/free food&drink (score!) and I got a suitcase that Tyson Bodarchuk painted from Victoire at 40% off. This year it’ll be on Nov. 25th and Dec. 9th from 6-9 pm. I can’t go (stupid education) but it should be fun!

  2. The dresess on the rack are so beautiful all lined up like that and the satin ribbons are loverly.
    I’m jealous of all that supa fly clothing
    Simone (Esme’s wee sister)

  3. Oh, I miss Ottawa so much! I’m going to have to pass that info about the Dalhousie shopping event to my Ottawa friends so I can live vicariously through them…

  4. Ave & Kevin, thank-you so much for coming to the part-ay, it was so nice to have some coverage of it, especially by friend’s of Victoire. Great, really good, uber awsome article.
    See you around town and at our next party!

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