Time after Time (after Time)

Greetings, loyal WORN readers! Do you remember that party we had to celebrate the launch of issue 11? You should, it was only three weeks ago. Anyway, Wornettes Haley, Valentina and Casie produced this video (filmed and edited by Daniel Reis) to commemorate the fun, so now you’ll never forget.

For those of you who can’t play the video right now because you want to keep up the illusion of working while at the office, we’ve uploaded the pictures to our flickr. So mosey on over there and flick away. Here are some highlights (bowties were popular, it seems):

Gift packs go with every ensemble.

If you haven’t yet picked up your shiny new issue (as modelled by Hillary Wornette right there), you should do so now! It’s a good one.

8 thoughts on “Time after Time (after Time)

  1. Well, aren’t we all just ADORABLE. Heh.
    Congratulations again to those who organized this event and, clearly, to those who worked on this video. It really is absolutely charming.

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