This Whole World’s Wild at Heart and Weird on Top

Lick your freshly stained crimson lips, take a sip of your Cherry Coke, and count all the ways you can wear that body-con dress that you once bought but never actually put on.

This is the thought process—the ritual—that I go through almost every morning after watching David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, one of my favourite films. It’s an obsession fuelled by the outfits that adorn Lula Fortune, Laura Dern’s character. Lula’s tight-fitting outfits are both sensual and endearing, charming, and just damn sexy in exactly the right sigh-inducing, baby-you-got-me-hotter-than-Georgia-asphalt sort of way. You know what I mean, sugar?

Dotted onesies and housewife hairdos, honey, got a ’50s innocence tapping into something hot.

Lace tights and little lace ‘dresses’ always evoke a sort of seductive quality trailing a scene in the film.

“Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?” – Sailor

Tight black body-con dresses, frizzy hair and snakeskin leather jackets are a perfect jumble of early ’90s southern kitsch.

text and screencaps by Paulina Kulacz

3 thoughts on “This Whole World’s Wild at Heart and Weird on Top

  1. I saw thiswhen it came out in theatres; I was 18. Boy, did I ever NOT know what I was getting into, but it became one of my favourite movies of all times.

    This movie has so much to recommend it–Laura Dern is amazing (in clothes and character). So is Nicolas Cage (he made so many good movies around this time) and Isabella Rosselini was deliciously weird. It took me YEARS to be able to look at Willem Defoe without shuddering, which is no small feat.

    Good call, Paulina!

  2. Ahhhh!!!! Love the screen caps. Reminds me a bit of the visual delight that is The Witches of Eastwick. Thanks for the reco. Definitely watching this soon!

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