The making of Nancy Drew

“Nancy Drew is as immaculate and self-possessed as a Miss America on tour. She is as cool as Mata Hari and as sweet as Betty Crocker.” – Bobbie Ann Mason

On a steaming hot Monday in Toronto’s High Park, a bunch of Wornettes and friends got together to pay tribute to 3 notorious girls who gather clues and solve crime, all in swishy skirts and lacy gloves. Issue 9 is starting to come together and I can shamelessly say I think it’s going to be the best pages yet, not the least of which is Esme Wornette‘s brilliant adaptation of the Nancy Drew mysteries. Just a little sneak peek at how I spent my Monday…

Our make-up columnist Bella B. (who is quickly becoming our regular photoshoot make-up artist too) creates some dewy little ladies.

Events intern Chelsea got wrangled into being our George.

Esme’s darling little sister was our Bess.

Wearing comfy shoes for as long as possible!

Look at those cute plaid boots!

Sore feet!

Cast of lovelies, clockwise: cute blonde girl with bike who held a reflector screen, make-up artist Bella B., Chelsea as George, copyeditor Kate doubling as stylist assistant, Zoe as Nancy Drew, Simone as Bess, showrunner of the entire shoot Esme, photographer Lisa, brand new intern Valentina, (and me behind the camera).

Were you a fan of Nancy Drew fashion as a kid?


12 thoughts on “The making of Nancy Drew

  1. Esme, this idea is ADORABLE!! Pst your sister is named Zooey? Methinks your parents are Salinger fanatics. I fully approve.

    I never got into the Nancy Drew books (my mom had a stack from when she was a girl, I think I read one?) but I totally got into the interactive computer games. I am truly a child of the 90s.


    Simone (Bess) is actually my sister and Zoe a good pal! It’s funny though..because recently, someone Zoe and I met was like, “You guys are Salinger buddies!” but alas, the spelling is different…

    I never much liked computer games…but interactive Nancy? That sounds like something I should be looking into. Sounds very Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego to me!

  3. PS. Chelsea wrangled? She was totaaaaallly into it…until the wool dress in 40 degree heat thing came into play at least… haha… and cute blonde lighting helper girl credit goes to Adriana! Merci!!!

  4. hahaha my immediate reaction to “Salinger” was of Party of Five? as in that glorious orphaned family. not the author. What does this say about me???

  5. I was the biggest Nancy Drew fan. I also highly recommend Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak! I totally wanted to name my firstborn Mildred after reading about Mildred Wirt Benson’s life story.

  6. This looks like so, so, so much fun. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    (When I read Nancy Drew as a kid, I used to wish my parents had named me George.)

  7. Excellent! the making of Nancy Drew reflects the day to day activities of many ladies in our generation. I wish they have handbag on their shoulder…so they became more fashionable in their outfit, isn’t it? I’m a fan of fashioned dresses,and i loved putting handbag on my clothing,it looks great and gorgeous…

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