The Long and the Shoe of It: A Thank-You Post

It hardly seemed possible, but last night, after months of planning, stress, and shameless self-promotion, the SOL[e]D! party happened. Now, it’s no secret that WORN readers are a stylish bunch, but the steady stream of fabulous that came through the doors at the Bata Shoe Museum to celebrate and support the launch of Issue No. 8. was the stuff of legend. In keeping with the evening’s theme, the collection of footwear was divine, from thigh-high lace-up boots (you know who you are!) to sky-high stilettos and everything in between. Dresses were saucy and hats were haute. The men gave Jon Hamm a run for his money. To every person who attended, thank you for your support, without which this publication would not exist.

When time came for the live auction, the crowd rose to the challenge and intrepid auctioneer Amanda MacDonald handled the room like a pro. Thanks to all of you who bid for helping make our fundraiser a success, and congratulations to all of you who won your bids – you walked away with some really beautiful, one-of-a-kind work. The Shake a Tail DJs capped the night with excellent music and it was great to see all our staff together (especially our senior editors who came from Montreal and New York), celebrating an evening they worked so hard to bring together.

Head of Events Meagan giving the Bata one last look
before opening the doors.

I think I can speak on behalf of staff and supporters alike, I’d like to thank the people who helped make last night possible:

Thank you Meagan Allison-Hancock, for spending the last four months of your life living and breathing this event. No detail was too small for your attention, no email went unsent or phone call uncalled. You were organized and thorough and on top of your game. You bravely (and possibly unwittingly) took on a huge responsibility and never faltered. WORN could not have pulled this off without you.

Thank you Chelsea McBroom, WORN’s Events Intern and Meagan’s right-hand. In conversation with Bata staff last night, the word “dynamo” came up and it was not unqualified. You are one of those rare people who tackles every task with cheerful equanimity, getting things done and never complaining. Working with you is a pleasure.

Finally, thanks to all the WORN staff and contributors who spent the last eight months making The Shoe Issue our best one ever. Despite the pressures of school, work and life, you all put incredible time and effort into producing a really beautiful publication and a wonderful evening.

It might be sheer exhaustion talking, but it’s safe to say I’m feelin’ the love.

Your Editor-in-Pants,
Serah-Marie McMahon

Managing Editor Gwen setting up before the party started.

6 thoughts on “The Long and the Shoe of It: A Thank-You Post

  1. To the “Wornettes in a line” – you guys are just too damn cool for school! Hee hee.
    Woo woo – well done WORN!

  2. I’m so glad the party was a success! Congrats to everyone who worked on the event and issue 8! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the night…


  3. Fantastic party! It was my first Toronto scene event and I had a wonderful time. Although, I must admit to feeling a bit stalkerish when asking complete strangers if I could photograph their shoes! Thank you for making My First Time ™ so fun!

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