Tavi and Isabel Come for a Visit

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with WORN’s Editor-in-Pants, Serah-Marie (whose living room doubles as the WORN offices), that went something like this:*

Me: I am coming to Toronto for a week.
Her: Sounds good!
Me: I might need to crash on your couch while I’m in town.
Her: Can’t wait!
Me: I’ll also probably raid your fridge and watch all your Gilmore Girls DVDs.
Her: We’re ready for you!
Me: Also, my blogger friends Tavi and Isabel are in town, and I might bring them around for a tour.
Her: …Dang, now I’ll need to tidy the place up.

As general fans of anybody with intelligent things to say about fashion, it was a delight and a half to have these ladies come around. Being a typical work day, the office was filled with Wornettes.

Left to right: Deua, yours truly, Stephanie, Tavi, Isabel and Hillary

Our guests spend a minute or two examining our fashion library, followed by two hours (give or take) of ogling a Star Wars Pez collection.

Tavi is fascinated by the inside of a barrel of monkeys. We’ve all been there.

Gathering around to look at proofs from a recent photoshoot for issue 11 (out this fall). Excited? We know it’s a long wait, but we’ve got the recent release of issue 10 to tide you over.

Stephanie Wornette is so hard at work that it cannot even be accurately captured on camera.

To the left, Tavi continues to earn her title of “Wornette” by making pins to go out with recent subscriptions. To the right, she poses with an equally purple Serah-Marie.

After a hard day’s work (okay, more like 20 minutes), Isabel, Tavi and I departed the WORN offices to explore downtown Toronto. Not captured on our cameras (but Isabel’s got some good shots): Kensington Market, Honest Ed’s, and Tavi’s first Tim Hortons experience.

- Anna Fitz

* I am paraphrasing for dramatic effect. To my knowledge, Serah-Marie has never used the word ‘dang’ in casual conversation.

18 thoughts on “Tavi and Isabel Come for a Visit

  1. What a fun day.. Too bad it was raining.
    I always love seeing Izzo and I can’t lie I was pretty excited to meet Tavi in person, since I am a long time reader of her blog.
    Don’t we all look pretty? hahaha

  2. Wait a minute…Serah-Marie lets YOU sleep over too?!?! ….all this time I thought I was special….just don’t tell me you watched My So Called Life….I don’t know if I can handle it!

  3. I don’t know Deua, I’m looking pretty super awkward in all these pictures. In kind of a, “OMG, people from the internet have come to exist in real life, play it cool!” kind of way. I don’t deal well when worlds collide…

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Tavi’s blog is amazing, and I have recently discovered WORN Fashion Journal, and I can tell you that I’m loving it so far!

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