Zoe Wornette

Our new high school co-op student talks genes and jeans

I grew up in the small town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and I learned quickly that most of the population strive to dress the same—mainly in overrated, overpriced jeans and T-shirts. My love of fashion became apparent when I was just a young lady, wearing my favorite dress-up clothes (AKA my white crinoline skirt and princess tiara) to church every Sunday morn’…a true southern belle. Thankfully, being raised by a clan of colourful people from all across the globe, I appreciated the outcasts’ courage to dress the way they felt and soon became a fashion outcast myself.

Luckily I relocated to Toronto during my prime teenage years (lots of angst and self expression waiting to be converted into outfits) and began attending a glorious high school for the arts as a dance major, and it seemed every student exuded their own personal style with a carefree spirit. Madly in love with the school, I couldn’t leave without going back for a ‘victory lap’ (a brilliant concept that American schools would frown upon). So here I am, transitioning from one amazing creative and inspirational support system to another. I can’t verbalize how excited I am to be part of the WORN family, so maybe I’ll explain through interpretive dance…

Current Inspirations
Art Nouveau
This entire era of art holds a special place in my heart. One artist above all can be blamed for my complete obsession with ethereal, pre-Raphaelite women and soft colored lighting: Alphonse Mucha. The women Mucha painted represent angelic and ageless beauty at its purest form. His art moves me in a special way that no other art can. Ever.

My heritage
One half of my family is Dutch and the other is Turkish. This makes for a beautiful contrast of cultures that I’ve admired my whole life. The bonus: I get to travel all over the world and live as a local with these delightfully crazy people.

The Idler Wheel
Every time I listen to this album by Fiona Apple I feel a cocktail of emotions run through my body and I have to sing/shout along with her. It satisfies my soul.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
I’ve attended every year of my life, and plan on keeping it that way. This is more than a music festival for me—it’s a tradition that brings a group of people from all over the country together for two weekends of music, dancing, and delicious food. Christmas doesn’t hold a candle to Jazz Fest.

Badass female musicians
Gwen Stefani > Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you just how in love with her I am. Funkiest sense of style and divine dancer. I <3 U Gwen!
Patti Smith > Read her book Just Kids or watch her documentary Dream of Life. She’s an intelligent and intriguing poet, artist, philosopher, and musician.
Mickey Skin of The Curse > Lead singer of first all-girl punk band in Toronto back in the day. She is 100% badass and doesn’t give a fuck. She also happens to be my mama, literally, and oddly enough she’s an incredible mom.

photography // Chayonika Chandra