Zoë Vos is Just Kid-ding Around Town

Zoë Wornette keeps her look comfy and kick-ass with the help of Patti Smith and Betty Boop

What inspired this outfit?
The weather (finally warm-ish enough to wear my beloved leather jacket), the music I was indulging in that day (The Talking Heads, Dirty Projectors, Amy Winehouse, and some good ol’ Red Hot Chili Peppers) and my funky grandmother’s love for Betty Boop.

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing.
The Betty Boop shirt is Oma’s (being Dutch, it’s custom to call our grandmothers ‘Oma’). Oma dresses mostly in her favourite/signature colour, orange, and never leaves the house without the perfect arrangement of necklaces, earrings and a sparkly brooch. This shirt was a treasure I found one day in her museum-esque house. She was shocked and thrilled to see me taking Betty out for the day.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
Just Kids (one of my favorites) is always the book for me. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about one thing or another that Patti talks about in this sweet memoir about her and Robert Mapplethorpe’s beginning in NYC. She speaks so honestly about love, youth, struggle, and discovering new potential. I love the rawness when she describes the two of them creating art together, and of course the thought and time put into creating the outfits they sported on the streets of the city.

What style icon would wear this outfit?
I would definitely credit Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe’s trademark styles mashed together as inspiration for my attire. Patti’s effortless, comfy-cool style mixed with Robert’s love of trinkets and jewels that possess sentimental value come together perfectly for me. Those two combined with my love of quality over quantity in dressing (besides the number of layers that are needed to keep a southern girl comfortable in Canada) makes for an outfit that’s ready to rock a city sidewalk and feel like the comfort of home simultaneously.

Outfit Credits //
T-shirt from Oma’s closet, cashmere sweater from Saks, cashmere scarf from Bungalow, leather jacket from a flea market in Elmvale, H&M pants, Joe Fresh trouser socks, thrift store sunglasses, hat sewn by (wornette) Angela Leung), shoes by Zara from MTL Salvation Army, lizard brooch Marc by Marc Jacobs, (Mom’s) rings, necklace and silver bracelet from Mexico, (Dad’s) copper bracelet.

photography // Stephanie Chunoo

Rebel Rebel

Teenage angst is alive and well in this photo essay

A couple of our high school co-op students (affectionately deemed ‘wornlings’) collaborated on an awesome photo essay inspired by their teenage experiences, and the rebel rebel character was born. Rebel rebel embodies the carefree spirit and cravings of teenage girls who feel restricted by the fear of public judgement (whether they come from girls that talk behind your back, the guys that broke your heart, or those adults that just don’t understand you). As the passionate emotions of young love’s inevitable ‘shitty break-up’ sink in, she blooms into a tough chick, purely from the pain of it all. A little bit Patti Smith, a little bit Debbie Harry, and a touch of No Doubt, she learns to say “Fuck It” to things that don’t matter. She no longer cares about how she’s supposed to act or behave or DRESS. She throws her ‘parental-approved good-girl’ clothes in the toilet. (Literally.)

Styling and Words // Zoe Vos
Photography // Laura Tuttle

The Wornlings Are Coming!

Stephanie3, Tabitha, and Alex Wornette form the newest WORN tri-pod

Howdy, Gütentag, and Aloha to you all! We are Stephanie, Tabitha, and Alex. We are the new Wornettes on the block, and this makes us very excited. Since the three of us are the new co-op interns—or “Wornlings” as we’ve been dubbed—we are writing a collective introductory post so as to maintain simplicity.

First up, Stephanie (or Stephanie3 as she has been newly christened):
Though I may initially come across as nit-picky, assertive, and (in layman’s terms) a bitch, deep down I’m not really a Grinch-like person, and my heart is indeed three sizes larger than most think. I’m a romantic at heart, and I’m happiest when listening to the sounds of Pat Benatar and The Police whilst flipping through the works of Helmut Newton and Lee Miller. I find beauty in couples who have been married for more than 40 years and can still be seen strolling about hand in hand. I love thunderstorms, Humans of New York, and wish my life could mirror Julia Roberts’ in Eat, Pray, Love. I hope to pursue photography in the future and travel the world, ideally working for National Geographic.

And now Tabitha:
My parents named me after the witch and I must admit I can’t imagine living with any other name. I’m opinionated, ambitious, and if you don’t fall in love with me immediately after we meet I’ll be sure to use my magical witch charms until you do. On a regular weekend you’ll definitely find me out and about; whether it’s record hunting for my collection, dealing with the strange customers at my retail job, or trekking across the city just for a good bite to eat, I don’t think a day is complete without some sort of adventure. Recently I have developed quite the obsession with flavoured lattés and Kanye West. I’m still very young and still very much trying to figure out what I’d like to do with my life. All I really know is that I never want to give up my artistic lifestyle, and hey, maybe my time here at WORN will help me figure out the rest.

Last but not least, Alex:
I truly am an old lady at heart, not because I have hoards of cats and teeth that have a tendency to move a little every time I sneeze, but because I truly believe chivalry isn’t dead and no day is complete without some lipstick and a couple dabs of perfume behind my ears. I probably watch way too much Star Trek and Criminal Minds, to the point where I am convinced my neighbours are psychopathic serial killers descended from another planet. On a normal note, I also enjoy springtime walks with my father, scouring thrift shops for jewelry, and making ravioli with my Nonna. I absolutely love to write, so much so that I tend to ramble, and hope to pursue journalism in the future.

Current Inspirations

Humans of New York
This Big Apple-based photo blog started by photographer Brandon Stanton in 2010 aims to capture the everyday people on the streets of NYC through an exhaustive collection of photographs. What makes each photo memorable for me are the diverse set of captions. Accompanying each image, they range from a personal commentary on the weather to hard-hitting life advice. Overall, Humans of New York is a moving and inspiring tribute to the eccentric and compelling city of New York.

A`bout Design Corporation
This Toronto-based fashion design company is led by the visionary Dean Hutchinson. His approach to fashion is unique in that he makes his clothes with the intention that the wearer will form their own identity and story whilst wearing the garment, as opposed to many other retailers who hope clients will simply buy their merchandise for the name. Interning at Dean`s studio opened my eyes to the personalities and stories a garment can have.

The Locals
After a trip to Denmark two years ago, I completely fell in love with the phenomenal sense of style that practically everyone had there. Coming across The Locals shortly after was like a dream. The blog originally started out with a focus on Copenhagen street style and has completely evolved and expanded to include street style from cities all over the world. I can’t think of a better display of how fashion and style are so universal, yet at the same time completely different from place to place. I love being able to grab inspiration for my style from such a diverse array of cities and people.

Thought Catalog
It could probably be defined as a blog but I think of it more as a collection of refreshing and nicely written articles. New content is posted every day relating to anything and everything from personal stories, music, fashion and pop culture, to poetry and, well, just life in general. Similar to the articles, the writers are also very diverse. They all seem to have intriguing (yet varying) backgrounds, style, experience, and locations around the globe. I find it so incredibly fascinating that all these different people can write such different pieces, and still have them come together like clockwork. There really is something for everyone on Thought Catalog and I’ve never left the website without a new idea, perspective, or thought.

The Original James Bond Movies
The 1960s, exotic locales, crazy villains, shoddy special effects, and a tanned and toned Sean Connery. Need I say more? In all seriousness though, it’s fascinating to compare the original 1960s Bond to the modern-day version. While his class, charm, and overall debonair disposition have stayed the same, the fashion and general social graces most certainly have evolved with the times. The impeccably tailored suits, sophisticated millinery, and of course the badass-ness that is The Bond Girl—or the original Femme Fatale—is nothing short of inspirational.

Maureen Lee & Jill Barber
Two very different people with two very different jobs, these ladies never fail to inspire me and put a huge, goofy grin on my face. The former is an author and a Liverpudlian as they call themselves, who centers all of her novels around strong-spirited female protagonists pre- and during WWII. The latter is a Canadian jazz singer who has recently risen to fame with her vintage, war-era sound and disposition, covering such artists as The Andrews Sisters (another personal favourite). As I am completely obsessed with the war years, these two remarkable ladies continually inspire me with their witticisms, class, and of course their obsession with lipstick.

photography // Zoe Vos