YouTube Gurus

Sometime last year, my television went kaput, and my heart was left with a void that I slowly replaced with a YouTube obsession. The beauty gurus and their elaborate tutorials are a particular favourite.

To be honest, I pretty much repel colour. My wardrobe consists of strictly neutrals, as well as my make-up bag. I tend to live vicariously through the tutorials rather than try to mimic them, but it’s an art form to admire.

Dustin Hunter’s youtube channel is full of informative make-up tips and drastic yet wearable tutorials. His looks are always very bold and smokey. I find myself constantly on his channel searching for reviews of beauty products, trusting his opinions over store employees.
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Another Example of How All Human Knowledge is Slowly Being Transferred to YouTube and Why You Can (and Should) Cut your Hair at Home

I spent forty minutes watching “Asian Mullet” tutorials on YouTube. Favoured mostly by teenage girls with waist-length, dead-straight hair, the style wasn’t an intuitive choice, but the more I watched, the more they won me over.

Mostly, I’ve had it with my crappy hair. Over the last couple of months (as it grows out) it has been good for nothing outside of short and occasionally painful French braids. Of course, a DIY adventure had its own drawbacks (a bad cut and not enough left for braids at all). But if American Idol and these modern times have taught me anything, it’s that I should not let actual, provable, corporeal limitations dissuade me from making dubious and impulsive decisions.

So I grabbed the scissors and hacked at my hair for an hour and now I have some sort of shag thing happening. And it’s kind of awesome — and it wasn’t that hard.

- g.

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