Announcing The WORN Archive

We’ve got some extremely exciting news to share with all Wornettes. News of the “akasdhfiasdnfkd” variety. We’re publishing a book! The WORN Archive: A Fashion Journal About The Art, Ideas, And History Of What We Wear will be released by Drawn & Quarterly in May 2014.

The WORN Archive is 500 pages of complete and total awesomeness. You’ll see some of our favourite articles and editorials from Issues One through Fourteen, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes materials showing the evolution of WORN.

Each chapter of the book will present a key part of the WORN mandate: namely, that clothes matter. Over the last eight years, writers, artists, stylists, photographers, and graphic designers have come together to produce a magazine proving that fashion is art, fashion is history, fashion is identity, and more. The WORN Archive will be a must-read for people who love to read, people who love fashion, and above all, Wornettes.

For complete details, visit the Drawn & Quarterly website.


Lots of thanks and gratitude for our successful indiegogo campaign

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of our overflowing hearts. We are so inspired and humbled by the support we’ve received from Wornettes all over the world. With your contributions, we know this issue of WORN will be our very best ever.

Now that we’ve reached our goal, any amount over $5,000 will go to three very specific places:

- An honorarium to our production manager Laura Kloepfer, who has worked tirelessly to produce the new layout for WORN.

- Honarariums to our consultants, an organization called Lateral Strategists, who have been an invaluable source of help with the redesign.

- And finally, any remaining funds will go back into the production of WORN Fashion Journal.

The IndieGoGo campaign will stay up until we finish our alloted time – 28 more days! – and it is currently the ONLY place you can pre-order Issue 15 or subscribe to WORN. If you want to be first to get your hands on the new WORN, or if you’d like to purchase a new subscription, or if you want one of our remaining friendship bracelets, this is the place to do it.

Again, thank you, thank you, and once more for the cheap seats in the back THANK YOUUUUU.