OMG Swap

Maybe it’s the eco-fashion movement, maybe it’s the resurrection of vintage and the appreciation of thrift clothes. There’s definitely an underlying rejection of consumerism somewhere here, coupled by socially-conscious motives. In any case, we are all witnessing a surge of the greatest clothing-related event: clothing swaps. Toronto has its own enthusiastically-titled OMG SWAP, to which over 500 people participated in during their last swap.

The next OMG SWAP is coming up this Sunday, October 10th at noon till 6 p.m. at Mercer Union.

Organizer Xenia Benivolski is an artist who cares about old clothes in a nostalgic sense, but right now she’s doing this for Sistering, a resource supporting homeless, marginalized, and low income women in Toronto. The leftover clothes will be donated to them.

All you need to do to participate is:

- Come to Mercer Union with clothes you no longer want, but are not stained, ripped, smelly or otherwise ugly.
- Donate $5.
- Take all you can carry.

There will be snacks, drinks, mirrors and music, and – most amazingly – a seamstress to make clothes that aren’t yours fit like they are.

Grab those garbage bags and start packing up clothes that are just taking up closet space!

text by Marsya Maharani
photography by Liana Schmidt