I’ve Got my Love to Keep me Warm

Cold hearts were warmed by group sing-a-longs and strong drinks at Heartbreak Karaoke last night

Despite the miserable sleet/rain/snow/wind last night, wounded hearts from across the universe came together to sing the blues. The neon-beach setting of Jun Jun bar was flooded with heart throbs and dream boats, and a group sing a long of Wonderwall provided the perfect remedy for even the most heartsick.

The Long and the Shoe of It: A Thank-You Post

It hardly seemed possible, but last night, after months of planning, stress, and shameless self-promotion, the SOL[e]D! party happened. Now, it’s no secret that WORN readers are a stylish bunch, but the steady stream of fabulous that came through the doors at the Bata Shoe Museum to celebrate and support the launch of Issue No. 8. was the stuff of legend. In keeping with the evening’s theme, the collection of footwear was divine, from thigh-high lace-up boots (you know who you are!) to sky-high stilettos and everything in between. Dresses were saucy and hats were haute. The men gave Jon Hamm a run for his money. To every person who attended, thank you for your support, without which this publication would not exist.

When time came for the live auction, the crowd rose to the challenge and intrepid auctioneer Amanda MacDonald handled the room like a pro. Thanks to all of you who bid for helping make our fundraiser a success, and congratulations to all of you who won your bids – you walked away with some really beautiful, one-of-a-kind work. The Shake a Tail DJs capped the night with excellent music and it was great to see all our staff together (especially our senior editors who came from Montreal and New York), celebrating an evening they worked so hard to bring together.

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A Guide to Karaoke Songs

With our Heartbreak Karaoke Party looming, the third floor Parkdale flat/head office is bustling with event planning. The invites have been dropped in select vintage shops, and our Karaoke host Teddy the K has been carefully combing through the silly love song canon for ditties that will fuel your lounge singer aspiration.

But dire help is needed! We recognize that the wider Worn coterie is a discerning lot, and might want to opine on appropriate selections that will showcase vocal talents within varying levels of inebriation. As a karaoke enthusiast myself, I have criteria honed in privately rented karaoke rooms and questionable bar-lit stages: music with a particularly epic quality that reflects the realities of my limited vocal range (one octave). Most importantly, the songs must accessorize whatever outfit I’m wearing (a stretch by all means, but something I think any drag queen/king would agree with).

Shall I elaborate further? Okay! But if I show you mine, you have to show yours (which means that we’d like suggestions in the comments).
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