Jezebel & WORN: The Feeling is Mutual

If new fashion collections, the end of the academic semester, and finally getting far enough to discover who killed Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks were enough to put me in a good mood this week, then the thought of the good folks over at Jezebel discovering our ‘lil mag is making me positively ecstatic.

According to Sadie Stein, WORN is “scrappy, indie, more Ready-Made than W in aesthetic, and decidedly affordable… the Canadian journal takes the same pleasure in making us see fashion in a novel way – and in celebrating a retro aesthetic… I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Oh stop, you’re making us blush!

Thank you Jezebel for the kind words! You have quite a few fans on the WORN team as well!

(And to answer Sadie’s question, many of our models are actually our own staff and readers – in fact, we are always looking for new faces to pose in our pages).

Anna Fitz