Get Your Vintage On

WORN’s favourite ladies of Victoire and White Elephant are coming together to sell you dresses. Lots of dresses. To make things easy, the girls have made alterations to many of the dresses to make them a bit more contemporary, so — presto-chango — you can walk out and into a fancy holiday party in under five minutes. This all goes down at 246 Dalhousie Street in Ottawa on October 22, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They’ll be feeding the mob waiting to get in, so show up early to claim your cookie.

To The Nines

WORN’s favourite Ottawa boutique Victoire held a charming night of shopping last week. Katie and Regine have been collecting gorgeous vintage cocktail dresses for months in preparation for this night, and it showed.

I prepared for the evening by listening to the original Crybaby soundtrack on the way there. (Sidenote: Lovers of retro kitsch, watch this movie! Unconvinced? Read its tagline: “Too young to be square… Too tough to be shocked… Too late to be saved”? Ultimate classic.) Upon arrival the atmosphere did not disappoint – the girls had all the best 50s and 60s jukebox hits playing, sweet bite-sized snacks and little cups of blackberry wine, and of course the amazing selection of dresses filling out the racks! Not a surprise, then, that the whole space was filled up with well-dressed ladies (and gents) browsing, mingling, and enjoying themselves.

did I mention the La Chatte Bottée shoes?

cute girls in cute dresses

the lovelies of Victoire – Ula, Sage, Regine, Katie, and Natasha

Aw! What an awesome night, girls. Katie and Regine’s true love of vintage shone through in every detail of the night, from the dresses arranged neatly by colour to the satin ribbons tied on every hanger.

- text by Averill Smith, photography by Kevin M.

Anna and Isabel’s Day Off*

Victoire Boutique

After spending nine months of the year going to school in Toronto, coming home to the significantly smaller Ottawa for the summer can be a little dull at times. Sure, we may have the best bagels in the world (shout out to Kettelmans!) but at the end of the day it’s a city with no subway system, no CN tower and no H&M (seriously though, what is up with that? Mississauga has three). But as hard as I may be on my city at times (okay, most of the time), I have to give credit where credit is due — as I’ve written before, we are home to an eclectic variety of independent and vintage clothing stores. So when Isabel, the brains behind the style blog Hipster Musings, announced she was coming to town to visit, I immediately began mapping out all the best places to go shopping in downtown Ottawa without stepping foot in the Rideau Centre.

Stop #1: Aunt Olive’s Vintage (209 Gilmour Street)

Aunt Olive’s is a café/vintage clothing hybrid of a shop, packed with lots of crazy old clothes. This is a good place to shop if you seek the unconventional and are willing to get creative with your clothes — in other words, if you are the typical Worn reader. I figured I am probably too practical for some of the wilder pieces (“How exactly does one wash a gold sequined tube top?” “Uh… Febreze?”), but for the fearless Susie Bubble types among you, you will be pleased to know that Aunt Olive’s is currently in the middle of a bag sale, this weekend only.

Stop #2: Mags and Fags (254 Elgin St.)

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