“Rock and Roll’s a Prostitute. It Should be Tarted up, Perfomed”

“The music is the mask, while I in my chiffon and taffeta… Well, varda the message” – Brian Slade, Velvet Goldmine

Todd Haynes’s 1997 film Velvet Goldmine puts the glitter into glam rock. The film takes place in the ’70s and retraces the steps of the fictional (but oddly familiar) rock icon Brian Slade, whose every move and outfit are drenched in sequin and shine. It’ll make you want to pull out your David Bowie records and sing along to Starman at the top of your lungs while wearing bellbottoms, silver go-go boots and multicoloured boas. The outfits make and define the film’s characters; more than the actual music, Velvet Goldmine is about how a rock star’s image and style can define a generation.

Pastel Mini Mouse dress suits are a wardrobe staple

“A Man’s life is his Image” – Curt Wilde (Ewan McGregor)

text and screencaps // Paulina Kulacz