Rachel Wornette

I’m Rachel and I’m tall. I love to eat food and listen to country music. I always laugh at my own jokes and I love cats—even though I don’t have one. I study fashion at Ryerson and love every second of it. Normally, I live my life flying by the seat of my pants (or skirt) and make decisions at the drop of a hat (or cute scarf). I love to learn and am always on the hunt for new information and ideas. I am finding that at this point I am in a state of change, and my sense of style is growing and morphing. I like excitement, but hate loud noises.

It all started when I was about 12 years old. I was a lanky, quiet, awkward child and I found escape in my mothers Chatelaines. The women on those pages were graceful, put together, chic, and elegant. The obsession grew, and I began tearing out pages, which is when my mom got me my first subscription—so I could tear up my own magazines. I am now an organized hoarder of publications and keep every magazine I buy. Basically, working here at WORN is a way to satisfy my obsession, and allow myself to be around more magazines.

Current Inspirations:

Plaid Magazine
This magazine is a small publication that comes out of Toronto. It is put out twice a year, and features awesome photos and local designers. They also profile bigger designers, giving the readers an inside scoop. It also has a few opinion columns, music, and gallery reviews. I mainly love this magazine for the gorgeous photos that are inside. I definitely rip out a lot of pages from this one.

Pretty Dresses in the Laundry
This Tumblr, which is now its own website, is a photo-blog that I am infatuated with. They choose dreamy photos that have a sense of whimsy. Just like in the title, the photos feature gorgeous and girly dresses and girls that are young and free. I mainly like this blog because it transports me to another place, where girls can run free through fields in beautiful ball-gowns. ‘Cause that never happens in real life.

Man Repeller
The Man Repeller is a woman who writes a blog about fashion. Not the typical style blog, she is hilarious about what she wears and takes a great approach to high fashion trends. She created the term “Man Repeller” which basically means dressing in a way that repels men with its obscurity and general weirdness. Her sense of humor is spot-on, and she gets front row access to some pretty big shows—so you get both!

Value Village
I am not sure if this counts as inspiration… but I’m in love with Value Village. I go there to run my fingers through rows and rows of preloved cotton button-up shirts and soft leather balmorals. I think about who owned the old prom dresses and wedding gowns, and about how someone loved them. I like to feel like my wardrobe has a story behind it. And I also go there to people watch, because Value Village shoppers are great.

photography by Casie Brown

Granny boots are cute.

Marty and Lara made an awesome little video of their photoshoot for the upcoming Shoe Issue. He was just discussing some details with me on his iphone and mentioned he and Lara were Value Villaging at that exact moment, and sent a pic for proof. I wish I was elbow deep in old quilts and flippy dresses… oh Friday will you never end?