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Très Click: An Industry in Denial, Advanced Style, and More

Killer Fashion: An Industry in Denial
The reason anorexia nervosa is so prevalent in fashion all depends on who you ask: Franca Sozzani prefers to blame Facebook, while others point the finger at the new skinny Diet Pepsi can. The death toll is steadily rising, and people are pointing fingers in every direction. Libby Rodenbough from In These Times details how the CFDA is trying to keep that finger from pointing in their direction.

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty
Last week G. Stegelmann (the “G” stands for Genius) wrote one of her trademark brilliant blog posts on style past the age of 29; she concluded that our elders “don’t look good for their age; they look good because of it.” Nowness has an exclusive short film by Lina Plioplyte featuring the hilarious, adorable, and inspiring women of Advanced Style. As Ari Seth Cohen says on his blog, it really is “proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age”.

Elizabeth Taylor and AIDS: A Brief History of the 80s

The sad death of Elizabeth Taylor has resulted in a flood of portraits on the Internet – photos of her as the precocious beauty in National Velvet, the regal queen Cleopatra, the terrifying wife in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and many more – but I particularly enjoyed this written portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, the activist. Brace yourself for a tired (but still true!) cliche: Her commitment to AIDS fund-raising is a testament to real beauty, inside and out.

Tomboy Style Icon: Margaret Trudeau
The federal election is approaching fast, or as I like to call it, Canada’s Next Top Prime Minister (not really). Tomboy Style highlights our most fashionable first lady. Laureen Harper should be taking notes.

New Twitter!
The Wornettes got their own Twitter! Follow them for a glimpse inside the WORN office and some really bad puns.