What I Wore to Worn: Rose Wornette is the Ocean

What inspired this outfit?
The desire to dress eccentrically. I awoke that morning reasonably late and had less than five minutes to spare to pick the day’s outfit. I picked my go-to “outlandish” outfit — a white dress with the Miu Miu cat sketched onto the collar, my ocean graphic dress on top, and finally my two-tone tights.

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing?
I find a lot of strangers are intrigued by my two tone tights, and whilst walking in the city I get approached by a range of different people commenting on them. Women in business suits in the middle of the Financial District, prepubescent boys on skateboards, homeless men… quite the odd range.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?

Heat: How to Stop The Planet From Burning by George Monbiot. This book goes into a descriptive plan of action to cut greenhouse gases in order to avoid further consequences of global warming. In the midst of reading this book I stumbled upon the ocean dress and purchased it without hesitating. The image on the dress is the condition of our earth that Monbiot urges us to conserve, so it felt very fitting.

What style icon would wear this outfit?
I feel like Bjork would wear something like this to the grocery store. Or as pajamas.

Where did you get all the items in your outfit?
The ocean print dress is from H&M, the white dress with the Miu Miu cat collar is thrifted, and the two-tone tights I purchased on eBay about three years ago.