Crushing on Kristina Uriegas-Reyes

Kristina is one of my favourite people on the internet, who is always up to something interesting. Whether it’s capturing the styles of Austin and New York City over at her street style blog The Rebel Waltz, chronicling her own daily outfits, or contributing to Bust Magazine, her optimistic approach to fashion will make you want to play dress up.

How did you dress in high school?
I went to an all-girls uniform-clad high school, so my options were limited. I wore lots of big, crazy earrings and bracelets to try to “express myself” during the week. I think I got in trouble pretty regularly for my fabulously tacky accessories! On the weekend, I experimented more with things like hot pink fishnets, cut up band tees, and funky skirts. I think by senior year my style evolved into something similar to what it is now — more vintage oriented. I do find it funny that years later I’ve reverted to wearing saddle shoes and loafers of my own free will all over again.

Is there a dress code at your internship? Have you ever had to “tone down” your wardrobe for work?
No, thankfully I’ve been lucky when it comes to working and interning in non-corporate dressing environments. Sometimes I can feel overdressed or even costume-y, but people are usually pretty complimentary, especially in NYC, which is where all my internships have been. I felt more overdressed going to college classes in Texas. I definitely remember trying to tone it down a bit there. I tried to only break out the pill box hats and cat eyes on the weekend.
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