Haley Wornette

Oh hellooooooo there. My name is Haley Mlotek and I am proud to be a new Wornette! I’m a part-time student at the University of Toronto majoring in Art History and Political Science with a minor in drinking too much coffee. I’m just the teensiest bit obsessed with all things fashion and spend approximately 93% of my free time reading fashion blogs, magazines and books or shopping for the perfect Celine-inspired leather skirt. The other 7% of the time I like to watch funny videos of cats on the interweb.

Current Inspirations

Shameless self-promotion: this is my blog where I post all my inspirations, fashion or otherwise. Expect lots of pictures of Winona Ryder circa Reality Bites.

Proenza Schouler SS11
If anyone is interested in buying me a present, this would be the best place to start.

Penny Arcade and Chasse Gardee
My favorite stores in Toronto. The sites of countless very bad financial/extremely excellent sartorial decisions.

The Man Repeller
This blog is a celebration of fashion that makes girls go crazy with lust (see: Alexander Wang, harem pants, furry shoes) and makes boys go WTF? Just a warning, this blog is so funny you may pee yourself.

Tiger Beatdown
Sady Doyle is arguably the smartest and funniest feminist blogger out there. My personal favorite is her essay on Liz Lemon, found here.