The Ties (And Sweaters) That Bind

My dad is not a modern, clothing-coveting man. He doesn’t see the point in spending money on such frivolous things and hasn’t worn a tie in almost a decade. He avoids buying new garments with the stubbornness of a child, and when he does purchase them, he always insists they remain pressed, clean, and pristine, ultimately helping him avoid shopping for longer periods of time. His classic look is a black or navy crew-neck sweater, and dark-washed jeans or corduroys. My stylish mother often totes home fashionable new things for him to don, which he stashes deep in his closet and refuses to wear.

Ever the money-saver, he always tries his hardest to return the things my mother buys for him, but he isn’t always able to do so in time. The outfits he hasn’t managed to get a full refund for have slowly accumulated in my parents’ closet, hanging there mournfully, practically shining underneath the thin layer of dust that has settled on them.

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Christmas Sweaters by Smart Design Mart

There is no shortage of crafty love here at WORN, hence our current crush on Montreal’s Smart Design Mart team. Made up of a bunch of close friends all running their own creative businesses making diverse items like moustache clocks, fringe necklaces, UFO snakes and ladders, leather books that look like wood, and dead rabbit rings, they come together a few times a year to present their very own curated independent art and design show: Smart Design Mart. Vastly different from other Montreal shows, Smart Design Mart allows contributors enough space to build their own tightly curated mini boutiques that focus on high quality, original work. The show will also include a live art instillation, a full bar, and great music for those not in the shopping mood. In the holiday spirit, the five have been gracious enough to each design a fantastical Christmas sweater reflecting their style, from gothic and minimal to lovably tacky.


“Marc and I got together to create a non-traditional take on the Christmas sweater. Traditional motifs used in unconventional ways…”


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I’m Sticking with You

I’m Sticking With You from g steg on Vimeo.

During a recent visit from her home in Alberta, regular contributor Hailey Siracky not only joined the WORN team in Toronto for an all-staff meeting, but very graciously agreed to unburden WORN’s managing editor of a few things that were clogging up her dresser.

To completely misquote Aristotle, friendship is a single soul dwelling in two closets.