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Fashion worth pedaling for


Nothing touches that first bike ride of the summer. The air has finally warmed, the sun is shining, and it’s time once again to pump up those tires and hit the road. When all the cyclists take to the city streets for those few hot months, it often seems as though a colourful parade has been set into motion. The bikes are gleaming, the bells are chiming, and the fashion is impeccable.



Cycle Style is a book dedicated to capturing the beauty of people paired with bikes, their outfits almost always complementing their mode of transportation. These full-page portraits were shot exclusively in London, a decision based on author Horst A. Freidrichs’s observation that “Many individuals within London cycling culture display an originality in style and dress that places the capital at the head of cycling style, worldwide.” While I’m not sure I agree wholeheartedly with this statement (Toronto could give ‘em a run for their money!), it’s impossible to deny the subjects of these photos are a spectacular bunch.



Subjects range from couples to kids and mountain bikes to sleek fixies. Classically dapper London folk straddle their seats in tweed caps and argyle socks, while handsome hipsters in button-down shirts lean coolly to the side of their two-wheeled companions. The baskets of a few riders’ cruiser bikes hold peonies, while others appear to be empty for the time being. With the turn of each page, new accessories and add-ons are revealed, from bells to bottles of wine in specially constructed holders. The bikes are painted and decorated, accessorized and improved until each bike is as original and unique as its owner. One adorable rider even seems to have matched her outfit perfectly to the colours on her ride: her red dress perched delicately atop her shiny red bike, with the tiny turquoise triangle pattern tying in with the blue handlebar wrap. Black tights and a flimsy hair bow pull the tires and pedals into the look, and an adorable blond mushroom cut tops it all off.



Filled with pictures save for a page or two of credits, acknowledgements and a short foreword, this book is clearly created by a photographer. These sartorial cyclists will have you oiling your chain and polishing your frame within moments of closing the last page.

photography // Brianne Burnell

Heartbreak Karaoke: Summer Fling Edition

Was it a California girl? A summer fling that didn’t mean a thing? But oh—those summer nights.

On Tuesday, July 31st, WORN Fashion Journal will get your achey-breakey heart in front of a karaoke machine at SUPERMARKET (268 Augusta Avenue).

We’ve got a karaoke machine, a microphone, sad, sad, sad songs, and enough bitter tears and sweet liquor to fill a swimming pool. What else could you possibly need to mourn your latest romantic folly?

All proceeds go to the production of WORN Fashion Journal. This time, Heartbreak Karaoke will fund the summer rent for our office! We can’t make a magazine without a roof over our heads. Support independent publishing, and sing us a sad song!

$7 Admission
$5 Admission if you’re wearing red or pink
Each song is $1
Jump the line for $10
Celine Dion songs are $5

268 Augusta Avenue
Hosted by: Karaoke Ted
Bring on the heartbreak: 9:00 p.m.
You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here: 2:00 a.m.

Red and pink: preferred
Your heart on your sleeve: mandatory

Can’t attend this event, but you still want to support independent fashion publishing? You’re making us blush! No amount is too small to win our hearts.

Donate here: