Sofia Wornette

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid magazine hoarder. Whether I’m saving my pennies in a piggy’s belly or eating Mr. Noodles for a week’s time, I have always managed to find a way to purchase my favourite magazines. Piling atop my coffee table and emptying out my wallet, my favourites include Russh, Lula, and of course, WORN.

Making up one third of the current wave of publishing interns, I recently finished my first year at University of Toronto as a Book and Media Studies major. I grew up in a city right above Toronto, and though the sparkling city lights were always within view, out there it’s mostly suburbia and more suburbia. Though reflecting, I’ll admit that growing up suburban definitely had a strong influence on the way I dress and how I perceive personal style and fashion.

Current Inspirations

Stevie Dance
While most stylists tend to create looks that I would never even attempt to recreate, Stevie styles clothes with practicality and eccentricity in mind. (Coincidentally she’s also styled some of my favourite editorials during her time at Russh.)

Le Projet D’amour
Hila Shachar’s an Australian writer who never fails to deliver when it comes to quality posts. She recently wrote a piece on Romantic Femininity that I’ve read at least half a dozen times since it was published.

Blushing Ambition
Annabel Ly seems like the type of girl I wouldn’t mind being friends with. She’s got a great sense of style and she likes to eat.

Lulu and Your Mom
If it wasn’t for Lulu, my knowledge of fashion would be limited to one sub-board on a Korean pop fan site. She’s easily one of my favourite bloggers and writers because of her honest advice concerning pretty much everything—fashion and style included.

Ben Trovato
One of my go to sites for inspiration. I like that it showcases original photography and videography styles from a number of different artists. Some of my favourite fashion photos come from this site.

photography by Brittany Lucas