Stephanie Wornette

My name is Stef and I am a brand spanking new Wornette of the editorial persuasion. I’m pee-my-culottes excited to be working here and hope to goodness that I can keep all you slick fashion types amused. My personal history is one of a fashion vagabond; wandering through art, aesthetic philosophy and theatrical costume, gradually making my merry way to Worn. In the future, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in costume, collect a meaningful wardrobe, and eat lots of cupcakes. Let’s keep it footloose and fancy free, shall we?

Current Inspirations:

Blog Mode at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
A rich, historical academic blog archive that you can still read through. Blog Mode is also part of a more formal exploration of the world of fashion blogs… which seems to be very fashionable right now (see the freshly unveiled fashion blog themed window display at Holt Renfrew, Bloor Street, Toronto). P.S. The Met’s Costume Institute will also help guide you to consider fashion as art, if you don’t already. That’s my agenda and I’m pushing it.

Tiny’s World
This blog is full of off-the-wall illustrations of ladies wearing imaginative frocks, intermingled with beautiful photos of inspirational clothing… belle, bella, bonita…. This is not a dictatorial fashion blog and that’s the way I like it.

Adventures in Lo-Fi Land
The successor of Fashion, Art and Mess. This blog has a unique dusty pastoral aesthetic. Adventures is less about fashion and trends and more about fashion, art and people. Je l’aime.

Painfully Hip
Fashion forward finds for the weak of wallet. Relatively realistic fashion shots sprinkled with Cheap and Chic tips. The best of editorial spreads are curated lovingly without.

Vive Notes of Vive Magazine
Vive notes is a blog to look out for in the fall. It is currently at summer camp; however, I thought I should mention it here because the accompanying publication shares Worn’s intelligent approach to fashion. Vive.

Book Review: Beth Levine Shoes

Collected by Blahnik and lauded by Louboutin, Beth Levine is one of the unsung deisgn heroes of shoe history. The late Levine was a show model whose ideas were stomped on by male footwear execs; in her time “it seemed right that a shoemaker was a man.” So, when she designed shoes for her own label in 1949, it was named Herbert Levine after her husband and business partner. Levine refused to sell uncomfortable shoes for women, testing every pair herself – turning shoes from sadomasochistic tootsie-torture-chambers into hedonistic paraffin-wax-paradises. She goes down in history as the birth mother of the fashion boot and the rhinestone encrusted shoe, as well as one of the many who lays claim to inventing the stiletto. In a seemingly innocuous biography – half of which is pictures of Levine’s work – Verin supports her argument that Levine matters. I bought it. By presenting Levine in all her womanly, pioneering glory, Verin is helping to re-write popular fashion history – and Levine’s role therein.

by Helene Verin (Stewart, Tabori, and Chang)
reviewed by Stephanie Herold (originally published in Worn Fashion Journal Issue 9)

photography by Jessica da Silva