sweaters and leathers

I got a call from my friend Lara while at work on Wednesday saying she had an extra ticket to Montreal Fashion Week. After closing the store and throwing together an outfit I hopped on my bike and gunned it down to the Old Port to catch two collections: the nautical-inspired romantic looks of Eve Gravel and the jackets and coats of Soia & Kyo.

I loved Eve Gravel’s combination of harem khakis and loose tops with girlie details like lace, sheer fabrics, and some of the models’ flouncy long curls. The relaxed pant styles were very wearable and came across as incredibly stylish in contrast to just about every fit and fabric of pants you see on the street. Standouts for me in this collection were the mid-thigh length shorts in black khaki paired with a baggy off-the-shoulder sweater and the leather zip-up bodysuit worn with low-rise khakis and exposed hips. I definitely could have done without the seventies hipster cord headbands since they’re such a played out touchstone at this point, but the rest of the styling was well done.
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