Mai Wornette

By day, I’m a production editor who hustles people to meet deadlines. By night, I’m a freelance writer who muses mostly on feminist-y issues for various websites and magazines (shout-out to Shameless!). Before that, I took journalism at Ryerson University where I made up one half of the editors at the campus’s feminist magazine, McClung’s, which called for a diet of jelly beans and bad instant coffee.

Some of my greatest hits in fashion were when I was a kid. I rocked a pretty sweet romper that had a dizzying pattern of alphabet letters. I also donned some dangerously wide red bellbottoms that I paired with a matching nautical vest. Hot or what? Presently, most of my fashion cues come from the streets. In the web world, I’m particularly influenced by street style blogs, especially LookBook and Street Peeper. In the real world, I get inspired by staring at regular people’s attire behind my big dark sunglasses (I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds).

I am overjoyed to be working for WORN in the editorial department because I believe in its core message that fashion shouldn’t be disposable.

Current Inspirations
I was but a mere fetus when Sassy launched, but I always felt like I missed out on a revolutionary time for teens. Luckily, the defunct magazine lives on in the web, sort of. It features real, hilarious, and intelligent female writers (and a couple of boys, too) who candidly talk about everything from nail polish to sleeping with Terry Richardson.

Olaf Hajek
He’s a world-renowned illustrator from Berlin who happens to be incredibly handsome. I have one of his Flowerhead fashion paintings hanging on my wall. You can get lost in his paintings for hours; they are bizarrely gorgeous.

I don’t know about you but when I hear words like green, sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, and organic, it sparks feelings of ooey-gooey goodness on the inside. Fuse those words with fashion, food, and culture and you get a guilt-free way to indulge in life while caring for the environment.

SF Girl By Bay
When I moved into my new apartment a month ago, this San Francisco girl was my ultimate décor mentor. Take that, Debbie Travis! She regularly posts stunning shots of stylish interiors. This post is the best of the bunch.

My Mom Is A Fob
Maybe it’s because my mom lives far away so I don’t get to see her often, but I turn to this blog a lot to remind myself of her cuteness. It is totally jokes!

photography by Brittany Lucas

Très Click: Vintage Pin-Ups, Ideological Sweaters, and More

Vintage Pin-Ups Before and After
When people talk about retouched images, its almost always with a scoff and one word dripping with disdain: “Photoshop.” Computers and technology often take the blame for unrealistic depictions of women in the media, but how do you explain the time before everyone starting airbrushing skinny models into oblivion? Sociological Images shows side-by-side the “pre-photoshop examples of the kind of free-reign that artists had in idealizing their subject.”

The Strong, Star-Bright Companions
Ellen Lesperance has a project: she “seeks out women involved in direct-action campaigns who are wearing sweaters that, in some way, reflect their ideological intentions.” I love the idea of strong women literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Fashion Moves Into The Museums
I always look forward to fashion exhibitions in museums, but they are mostly few and far between. The New York Times interviews several curators who are either presently or preparing to stage fashion exhibits at some of the world’s most prestigious museums. Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, wisely points out that these exhibits are “commercially as well as cerebrally motivated.” “‘Most museum administrators are not particularly keen on fashion because it is not generally considered art, and these shows do take place at art museums, but they recognize that they are popular with the public.’” Heck yeah they are popular with the public. How many pretty paintings of Renaissance nudes can I possibly look at? I need some real life McQueens!

Meet Max…
Our very own trailblazing former intern is now contributing to the Shameless blog! He’ll be publishing his brilliant thoughts on the intersection between gay rights and feminism. Go read!

- Haley Mlotek