Rose Wornette

Fashion isn’t frivolous. I’ve always felt the need to prove that to individuals surrounding me who negatively bash the term and the ideas surrounding it. Typically by the climax of the altercation, I’m attempting to convince the other party that there is concept to fashion, and there are magazines with a thought basis behind it. WORN is one of those publications that exemplifies that, and I’m proud to be interning for such a fashion journal that I can read and enjoy, but that mainly helps me win debates.

Anyway, hi guys! I’m Rosemary, though I typically go by Rose. At the moment I attend the Ontario College of Art & Design, and it’s my first year majoring in Photography. I was immersed in city life after moving from a small suburban town to Toronto over a year ago now, and the cultural and social diversity in comparison is drastic, but that couldn’t make me happier. Toronto has become my home over the past thirteen months; I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. And as civilized as I may be having a disposition regarding fashion, if someone tried bringing down this city I’d go Naomi Campbell on their ass.

Current Inspirations
Jonas Mekas
A Lithuanian filmmaker mainly based in New York City during the 60′s and 70′s, Mekas’ avant-garde films touch upon the notions of beauty, life and death, typically through the poetic language of imagery.

Sarah of Silence Sweetheart
Sarah’s blog Silence Sweetheart is a mix of everything I wish a fashion blog was – intellect mixed with an awesome sense of style plus more. This blog is a favourite of mine right now and I feel like it will continue to be for a very long time.

Marisa of Pinpricks
I feel as if I’m reading the blog of a romantic, ethereal fairy when I read Marisa’s Tumblr. I’ve spent hours browsing her archives, and whenever she pops up on my dashboard my heart skips a beat.

Nina Leen
Nina Leen avidly photographed for LIFE in the 40s and 50s; if you type her name into the Google LIFE archives you’ll find an endless amount of her photographs. My favourites of hers typically include teenage girls with impeccable style. A major influence.

Allison Scarpulla
Allison’s photographs are something else. They are morose yet beautiful, disturbing yet lovely, and typically depict a world I can barely comprehend. I constantly am blown away by whatever she does with a camera.